FGV Exclusive Design Furniture

FGV, furniture brand, with design by Filipe Ventura, was born fruit of a great passion for design, linking tradition and contemporary, creating a new collection of furniture for contemporary spaces.

The Process

The process behind the creation is inspired by various arts and becomes a experience of object design, in a deep exploration of the formal and symbolic value.

Each object is the result of an experimental approach with a deep aesthetic respect, a detailed survey of techniques and materials, with reference to wood, and also for productive processes to reach a high quality furniture brand.

Adopting the procedural principles and technicians of joinery, ergonomics and innovative use and combination of different materials, we assure our customers, comfort, functionality, durability and aesthetic pleasure.

Our parts are listed in the brand catalog. However, we also produce exclusive pieces, corresponding to specific needs of our customers.


“If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all of the days of your life.”

Frank LLoyd Wright


Conceive pieces of furniture for contemporary spaces, combining tradition and contemporaneity, in series of 20 pieces by reference, numbered and signed, always focusing on design and the quality of materials and construction.


Present in the market pieces of furniture, distinct and of quality, at prices considered fair by customers, provided at the agreed deadlines and after sales service warranty.